Learn the Do's and Don'ts of
Preparing a Will

And Why a Do-It-Yourself Will May Not Be the Best Idea

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Preparing a Will is something every adult should do. An effective Will is a powerful Estate Planning tool that can help you accomplish myriad goals. But, exactly what is a Will and how do you know if yours is effective – especially if it’s a do-it-yourself Will?

The Basics: What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that lets you accomplish a number of Estate Planning goals. Preparing a Will lets you:

  • Put the right person in charge of your estate
  • Provide an inheritance for your spouse and children
  • Leave money to charity
  • Name a guardian and a trustee for young children
  • Protect children’s inheritance from divorce
  • Keep the family’s inheritance in the bloodline
  • Accomplish a variety of other goals

Is Your Will Effective?

Your Will can only do these things if it’s effective and when you prepare a Do-it-Yourself Will, you risk preparing a Will that’s ineffective. Do-It-Yourself Wills, whether they’re online or from the office supply store, don’t include legal advice and worse, there are no guarantees.

Your Loved Ones Won’t Know Until It’s Too Late

With a Do-It-Yourself Will, problems don’t become apparent until after your death. By then, it’s too late to correct the problem and your family is left to pick up the pieces. What are some of the risks that come with do-it-yourself Wills?

  • Misunderstanding a single question can lead to unintended outcomes
  • A mistake in signing the document or having it witnessed can invalidate it
  • Preparing a Will without attorney advice or review can mean mistakes that invite estate litigation
  • Do-It-Yourself Wills don’t include advice on important issues like taxes or how property should be titled, protecting children’s inheritance from divorce

Learn What You Need to Know

Download your free report, “Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Wills and Living Trusts” and find out what you need to know about preparing a Will. See how an effective Will can help you:

  • Provide for your spouse and children
  • Protect children’s inheritance from divorce
  • Keep the family’s inheritance in the bloodline
  • Give your loved ones a lasting legacy
  • Leave an inheritance to a disabled dependent while maintaining their government-provided benefits
  • Meet the needs of everyone in a blended family
  • And much more

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