Estate Planning Can Provide a Financial Cushion for Loved Ones

Discover How an Estate Plan Can Protect the Things and People that are Important to You

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Defining Estate Planning

When a person passes away, so many questions arise. Who should receive that person’s property? Who should benefit from that person’s lifelong commitment to saving? An Estate Plan can answer those questions, and set clear direction for how a person’s estate should be divided. Executed by an Estate Attorney, an Estate Plan is a legal document that contains other documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Directives, and More. If a person becomes disabled, Estate Planning can also name someone who will take over that person’s affairs.

An Estate Plan Sets Goals

You have people with whom you are close, and you want to make sure they benefit from your hard work. An Estate Plan:

  • Puts a plan in place to ensure the people you love most benefit
  • Preserves your legacy for future generations
  • Creates a financial buffer for your spouse, children, and grandchildren
  • Makes sure you’re taken care of if you become incapacitated

Learn How to Start Creating your Estate Plan with our Free Estate Planning Document

“15 Common Reasons to Do Estate Planning” was written by an Estate attorney, and it can provide guidance on how to:

  1. Keep life events like divorce and lawsuits from destroying your legacy
  2. Guard your estate against bargain hunters
  3. Help heirs meet their own goals with success-based incentive milestones
  4. Find an Estate attorney who can make your wishes clear

Making your wishes known is easy, especially when you create an Estate Plan. To start Estate Planning today, give us call.

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